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Here we will share some QLQ factory production process, zipper machines, zipper quality testing/evaluation, product sample display, etc. If you need more information and solutions about zippers, please feel free to contact us; thank you for your attention!

Stainless steel zipper Y teeth

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Stainless steel zipper Y teeth There is another biggest advantage, the more you use the brighter, because after a long time, the slider and zipper after a long time of wear, as if after one polishing process after another

Production Process

Production of invisible zippers
Production of invisible zippers
Production of luggage accessories
Production of luggage accessories
Monofilament production
Monofilament production
Invisible zipper sewing workshop

Comparative evaluation

Comparison between using UV oil and not using UV oil for plastic zippers
Monofilament quality comparison
Benefits of stainless steel zippers
Durability test of nylon long-chain zipper
Testing Zinc Slider with Zinc Puller by Slider Torsion Test Machine 

Product Show

Bag accessories sample show
Bag accessories O Ring O buckle
YG slider sample show
Bag accessories square abuckle
All kinds of pull zipper slider